Types of Mental Health Problems

Types of Mental Health Problems

The world is occupied by billions of people that get to interact with each other almost everyday. It is important to learn more about the mental health problems that some people face, because this will help us understand each other much better.

Here are some of the common categories of mental health problems:

  1. Schizophrenia
  2. Anxiety & Panic Disorders
  3. Depression
  4. Substance Abuse & Addiction
  5. Eating Disorders


People diagnosed with Schizophrenia have been known to experience symptoms that cause the real world to be distorted in some way. This may include hallucinations that mimic visuals and sounds that may seem real to the person who has Schizophrenia, but is not actually there. Schizophrenia, along with other mental problems that cause hallucinations, may be more obvious than other mental illnesses in some cases.

Anxiety & Panic Disorders

Mental problems of this style can be caused by a number of different factors, but one of the most well known forms of this is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). PTSD is a mental problem that may occur if a person has been exposed to or apart of a traumatic experience. This mental health problem is normally associated with members of the military, but it also affects civilians as well. Mental health problems like PTSD often provoke panic attacks, which would be a sudden increase of a sense of panic in an individual, as well as prolonged anxiety.  Here is a closer look at PTSD.


Depression affects a lot of people in the world and is often a mental health problem that many may not even associate with some people. Many times people with depression try to hide it, which only tends to make things worse for them, because they internalize their emotions and problems that they might be dealing with. This mental health problem may be caused by some sort of event, such as a family member passing away, or it could just appear with no real cause.

Substance Abuse & Addiction

Problems with substance abuse along with addiction have been known for years and they are serious matters. As an individual uses illegal drugs or other addictive materials, the brain might start to feel a need for them. This need becomes so strong that eventually, if that individual does not get what they are addicted to, they will die from withdrawal. This could also spark other mental health problems such as depression or anxiety.

Mental health problems have been known to affect our societies for hundreds of years, so it is important that we gain an understanding of what some other people experience in their lives due to mental health problems.